Light Up The Sky
Lift Me Up
Broken Hallelujah
Beautiful Love
Never Going Back to O.K.
Every Good Thing
Live On Forever
*NEW* Fear No More
*NEW* Well Done
The Beginning & Everything After
Artist: The Afters
736211852793 - CD
EAN: 0736211852793
Label: Fair Trade Services
Street Date: 11/02/2018

To know where we're going, it's important to understand where we've been. As The Afters chart a course for the future, the band can't help but pause to reflect on its memorable past. The Beginning and Everything After celebrates the triumphs, including chart-topping albums and singles, TV placements and theme songs, an MTVU Award, GMA Dove Awards and other accolades. But it's more than a retrospective. This new mix of hits and favorites showcases The Afters' music in a new way. When laid side by side, the band's compelling pop hooks and inspirational anthems take on new life.

Of the 11-tracks found here, two are brand new songs. The new single "Well Done" and "Fear No More" give a glimpse of the future and hint at all the music this band is yet to make. These songs tell of the power of faith, the joy to be found in adversity, the extraordinary moments amid our every day lives -all while reminding us we're not alone. They give people something to hold onto while pointing them to the One who is always holding them fast.