The Legend Of 5 Mile Cave
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863838000358 - DVD
EAN: 0863838000358
Label: INSP
Street Date: 06/04/2019

Sam “Shooter” Green is a legendary outlaw, whose notorious reputation far exceeds his actual deeds. He never set out to be an outlaw but unwittingly he gets caught up in a stagecoach heist that ends in a fatal shooting. Framed for murder, Sam sees no other choice but to take off – with the stolen money. He hides the bag of stolen money, but Virgil Earp tracks him, shoots him and brings him to justice thirty years later, still in jail for a murder he didn’t commit, he has one thing on his mind: to break out and meet the daughter he never knew And the killers? They are none-too-pleased.

Stars: Adam Baldwin, William Shockley, Jill Wagner, Jet Jurgensmeyer

Director: Brent Christy

Runtime: 90 Minutes                       Rating: TV-14                     English (no subtitles)         Closed-Captioned